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Telecom Support

Our Value proposition

  • Reliable
  • Responsive
  • Flexible
  • Proven

Telecom Challenges

We have overcome almost all the challenges related to telecom industry in Indiawe have faced so far like low level of customer service in rural areas, heavy cost of investment, low return and even difficulties in building a brand.



Telecom Opportunitie

Telecom Opportunities

We stand out in the telecom market because we have taken the advantage of the current infrastructure and have also optimized the functionality with the best effective cost. All this aids our customers in increasing uptime, enhancing performance and producing exclusive contents as per the dynamic changes in the market.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Quality is the first and the foremost thing which we take care of in a well manner. We know that we are working for the modern generation and they prefer innovation, flexibility, reliability and speed in whatever services they avail.



Turnkey Telecom Solution

Elite’s OSS/BSS solutions empowers the businesses to upgrade their operational and technical efficiency by focusing on products and services that simplifies the complexity of business operations.

 Telecom Solution

While considering the needs of telecom industry we have developed ourselves in a manner that our customer’srequirements are completely satisfied. We don’t want our users to look for any other partner for any of their needs in the telecom industry from Radio Network Planning to Site Maintenance. Our services are fortified by trained and equipped field engineers and support technicians whoare masters and capable of offeringfitting Installation & Commissioning services. Our facilities aren’t limited to installation of Telecom equipment, as we are also rendering complete support and consultancy, nationwide.

We guarantee that we deliver complete Telecom Implementation Management Process which enables customers to receive information and status updates on the network in a transparent, accurate and efficient manner.

Elite carry through complete end to end site solution matching the standards of the industry and sticking to the safety criterions to provide ease of Project execution to the customers which incorporates:

  • Telecom Implementation Solution (TI)
  • This service can be defined as an amalgamation of activities like making a base station, making transmission site operational and also to work as a part of a telecommunication network.

  • Infrastructure Rollout (Civil & Electrical)
  • With this facility we provide high quality telecom equipment from different manufacturers, services by experienced telecom operators and fulfills our client’s other related telecom infrastructure needs.

  • Technical Support Services (RF)
  • Our telecom support services focuses on meeting all the customers’ needs no matter what. With experienced technicians we make sure that any issue related to the sector of telecom.

  • Operation & Maintenance (TI & OFC)
  • At Elite we are committed to offer you integrated, flexible, responsive, cost effective and dependable operation and maintenance solutions that can help you in taking your organization to the next level in this highly competitive telecom industry.

Telecom Managed Services

EISI believes that Managed Services are no longer a medium that simplifies an outsourcing model in order to save on operational expenditure. Rather with every passing time it is becoming much more radical by enabling companies to benefit from network and operational transformation.

Telecom Services

Enterprises today need to deal with technological advancements, advanced services adoption, and new business models which often leads to business complexity. In addition, high financial pressures and demand for operational efficiency and IT consolidation make enterprises to seek Managed Services model..
Understanding this very challenge, EISI bring forth an end-to-end suite of Managed Services, designed with state-of-the-art methodology, tools, and expertise to manage enterprise’s IT and leveraging its people, expertise, technology and processes.
Our Managed Services model is a non-invasive approach for outsourcing, providing skills and competencies, with support tailored to customer requirements and the flexibility to implement and manage key projects as part of ongoing operations. This model provides our customers the best of both the worlds - control and flexibility over their information system without the pain or cost of maintenance.

Categorization of our Managed Service Portfolio:

  • Managed Performance of Network and IT : Securing operational performance of network and IT elements and the full end-to-end network and IT performance.
  • Experience Centric Managed Services : Monitor customer experience and assure customer service performance.
  • Network-as-a-Service & IT-as-a-Service : These solutions addresses specific needs such as in- building coverage or capacity and cloud capabilities.
  • Enterprise Offering-as-a-Service : Responding to the specific demands required to maintain the competitive advantages of market thereby avoiding unwanted operational cost and expertise.

Manpower Outsourcing

Elite ’s OSS/BSS solutions empowers the businesses to improve their operational and technical efficiency by focusing on products and services that simplifies the complexity of business operations.

Business Solutions

We serve our Clients by proffering Skilled resources along with relevant tools and equipment on Time and Task Basis. These are need based short term as well as long Term Deployment across the Nation. This helps our Customers to reduce their Operational Cost and act as an all-time ready Solution for their short and long term skilled resource requirements.

Our resources go through our in-house training on our task based services and regular training sessions and this makes us different from an ordinary manpower supplying agency.

Following are a few examples of the technical skill sets that we provide:

  • BSS Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • BSC Engineers
  • Switch Engineers
  • Alarm Monitoring in NOC
  • RF Planning Engineers
  • BTS Engineers
  • Transmission Engineer
  • Skilled Technicians / Rigger

Our Portfolio

At Elite , we strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. We are constantly investigating new technologies and recommend them when they make sense.

Telecom Implementation Solution(TI)

A comprehensive portfolio of support services and remote infrastructure management services aligned to the business domain of our clients.

Telecom Infrastructure

Telecom Infrastructure Rollout

A key player in providing infra services to OEM/ Operators, we provide complete infra solutions to the customer for both new roll outs or an existing infra upgradation from tower base to Pole mount installation.


Telecom Support Services

We excel in RF Planning, Optimization, Bench Marking, Transmission Planning, In-building Solutions and Manpower Deployment.

telecom optration

Operating & Maintenance

Proper implementation of SLA and preventive/breakdown maintenance with complete health check manning of cell sites.

telecom resource

Resources Outsource Services

Outsourcing solutions helps to manage cost pressures, gain access to specialized resources, optimize existing investments and establish a flexible strategy to retain and acquire more customers.

Telecom Managed Services

Telecom Managed Services

Our Managed Services model is a non-invasive approach to outsourcing, providing skills and competencies, with support tailored to customer requirements and the flexibility to implement and manage key projects as part of ongoing operations