Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure Management Services

Embrace the power of technology for an esteem future

  • Lean processes and automation
  • Delivery of exceptional user experience
  • Consulting-led engagement for business-level SLAs
  • Industry-focused solutions and operating experience
  • Proprietary engagement model for agility and responsiveness

Business Challenges

Managing applications, operating systems and middleware requires great expertise and a high quality platform. The flexibility that IaaS offers for installing any tools and components as per the requirements of the business is perfect for managing any technology.



IaaS allows configuring the systems with the desirable tools and managing hardware gets easier for you. While permitting you to customize your environment, IaaS plays a crucial role in offering control over infrastructure.


Value Proposition

With 24 x 7 support, wide range of infrastructure, expert team of technicians and data recovery experts, we offer our clients only the best possible services.

Infrastructure Management Services

Elite E’s Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) is constantly engaged in designing a suite of most reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure services and solutions that adds value to our customer's business.

Infrastructure Management

Operational excellence and resilience are unsaid expectations from any IT infrastructure. The current business enterprises embraces the digital world and expect its IT infrastructure to be robust yet agile enough to incorporate changes that cater to the market and technology upgrades, at reduced costs. The ability to transform quickly while aligning to larger business goals is of paramount importance. A smart enterprise keeps on challenging the way it runs businesses with new ideas and delivers exceptional value to its stakeholders. It is reinforced by strong pillars of intelligence and empathy. At Elite , we help any organization to become a smart organization with our flawless service portfolio of international standards.

Offering a Digital Upgrade to IT Infrastructure

In this modern era of digitalization, the way businesses operate is fundamentally changing due to the presence of cloud technologies and automation. Saving and backing up data on clouds is no more an option but a necessity. The core elements responsible for making a business successful are artificial intelligence and automation that no businessman can compromise with. To transform and reinvent a company innovative technology is a must, as by offering flexibility and acceleration these allow a business grow like never before. Such benefits can be availed with our digital-ready IT infrastructure that can adapt to the ever changing needs of the businesses. Also it delivers high business value and outcomes that are favourable.

What all IT Infrastructure Services We Have?

Basically our services focus on technology and its function which aids in enabling digital transformation. We aim to provide our customers with a full-fledged management services that can allow you to stay strong in this modern digitally competitive industry.

  • End User Computing: Nowadays computing services have become very prevalent and abundant. Thus it has now become more crucial to align and integrate such facilities in your business procedures. We offer Lifecycle Management Services including optimization of mobile devices, desktops, end-user applications and virtual machines from top to bottom. We also take care of the applications and operating system upgrades in an efficient manner to allow large scale technology deployments. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals is ready round the clock to serve your needs and keep track of all your equipment that are connected to the network.
  • Enterprise Computing: When the businesses have critical systems installed, then infrastructure and networking services become essential for the purpose of growth and successful operation. This includes networking, server & storage architecture, virtualization & optimization, security and platform management facilities.
  • Knowledge Management: The traditional working methods need to be transformed into the digital procedures and for that people with in-depth knowledge are required. For this we come forward as a great help to the clients, as we proffer organization of the digital assets by allowing businesses to connect with technical aspects.
  • Infrastructure Managed Services: We also help businesses in managing the functionalities and performances of the infrastructure and various other supporting applications. These include platform optimization, service desk platform managed services and desk side and/or remote end user support.

Why to choose Elite for Infrastructure Services?

We have:

  • High Expertise: Our team of professionals know how to optimize an infrastructure that is dependent on applications. Thus, you’d always be happy with their service.
  • Strong Vertical Expertise: With our high vertical knowledge in this field, we can deploy pre-optimized infrastructure which helps in converting time into value for the business.
  • Close Relationships with Providers: We maintain close relationships with the platform providers so that we can letour customers relish visibility into the products.

At Elite, we understand that a company isn’t based on just one infrastructure network and variety of infrastructures are required. Our team targets on designing an infrastructure that follows international standards and other guidelines that are essential for completing tasks or processes. The basic idea behind creating a meshed infrastructure network is to minimize the human intervention by permitting the networks, servers, storage farms, data centers and other infrastructure layers manage themselves on their own. We give equal importance to distinctive segments of infrastructure management services, like updating, servicing, monitoring, patching and managing. We have kept our costing optimal, so that even the small scale businesses or startups can avail benefits of this amazing service.

Advantages of partnering with Elite:

  • Better accessibility to infrastructure services and application management facilities.
  • Lower risk of losing data
  • Higher resource utilization.
  • Better efficiency and system productivity
  • Availability of inventiveness and extra bandwidth
  • More client satisfaction and employee happiness.

The above given advantages and some more would be there including consulting. You can ask about the best IT practices or about the areas that need improvement in your business. We’ll accompany you in designing a roadmap for adopting the latest technologies in order to make the infrastructure swifter and more scalable.

And we don’t stop here! There’s more, check out our portfolio…

Our Portfolio

We provide a wide range of best-in-class solutions and effective services that are spread across the Infrastructure Management Services value chain.

Data Center Services

Data Center Services

Align your infrastructure strategy with the next-generation Hybrid approach in data centers that increase agility, performance and innovation.

/infrastructure Services

Workplace As A Service

Deployment of service desks to resolve end users issues with scalable efficiency by centralizing information and reducing manual process.

IT Operational Management

IT Operational Management

Align IT Operations with priorities to share a business-oriented view of SLAs and resources to execute secure and scalable business process

Development & Automation

Development & Automation

Developing a cross-functional layer that can be stitched together to reduce process inefficiencies and achieve excellence at lower cost.

Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration & MS

Services to manage a variety of platform from a single console and build a fully configured cloud with improve visibility, compliance, and integration.

Cyber Sercurity

Cyber Security

Advance Malware Protection, Data centre & Perimeter Security, Network Risk Assessment, Monitoring, Host & End Point Security & Security Device Management.

Corporate ERP

Corporate ERP

An ERP module to improve business insight at lower operational cost with enhanced collaborations to improve efficiency and high user-adoption rates.

Application & Technical Support

Application & Technical Support

Continually optimize application availability and performance that incorporates customer profiling and predictive analytics to remote and on-site service.