Data Intelligence Solution for Business Leaders

Business Intelligence Analytics Services

Turn your data analytics into ULTIMATE value

  • • Integrated solution for data visualization and reporting
  • Guided experience to access data and create dashboards/reports
  • Consistent web-based experience on all devices, online / offline
  • Proven governed platform for performance and scalability
Business Challenge

Business Challenge

Business intelligence and analytics solutions are confronting with some of the issues such as implementation of right business solution, quick solution implementation, active analysis of large business volume for right decision making, greater precision in the decision making and so on.


Absence of business intelligence

Inferior business performance, enterprise risk, deflection in customer and partner relationship, inefficiency in business operations are some of the undesirable situation that occur when big data concept is not being used well for a business.


Our Value Proposition

Excellency in performance can be best described in terms of high process focus with methodologies tailored for operational model, project execution techniques with agility focus and component based framework approach with reusability focus.

Data Warehouse & Intelligence

BI Solution

Our Business intelligence and analytics services and solutions leverage top solutions of international standards to help transform your organizational data into intelligence using advanced analyticsthat aid in making fact based business decision. This, in turn, allows your organization to understand customers better, respond quicker to dynamic market conditions and ultimately transform into a data-driven enterprise.

Our end-to-end services comprise:

  • BI solutions including a strategic roadmap definition for data intelligence, business intelligence and analyticslandscape & assessment health check services
  • Implementation comprising interactive dashboards, scorecards, on-demand reporting, & budgeting and planning, scenario modeling and mobile solutions for BI
  • Upgrades and Migrations consist of migration from other platforms with timely upgradation
  • Managed services which come in the form of enhancements and new feature additions & administration, release management, configuration management, corrective and adaptive & maintenance

Analytics & Big Data Management

Data Analytics

Businesses release the true power of advanced analytics once their decision makers get the clear data analysisin hand so that they can dive into the details on their own. Our promised solutions are capable of enabling the user to make spontaneous informed decisions in real-time by evaluating complex high volume data available in different formats. With this unique capability of ours, we have now become the most sought and trusted entity in the industry. Adding to which, our guided data discovery and interactive dashboards are just a couple of reasons why our customers are using Business Intelligence analytics for data monetization. The beauty of our Big Data solutions is that they enable the end-to-end access and analysis of open-source data by collecting, extracting and correlating information from various publically available platforms such as media sites, web communities, social networking sites including Twitter, wikis, blogs, Government reports, speeches, warnings, judicial reports, internal documents etc.

Data Digger

Data Management

Data Digger is a highly efficient tool that enhance data loading and reporting performance by nearly doubling it in comparison to legacy system. Its user-friendly interface is designed to suit the business needs of different industries and help them to make use of large volume of data in more productive way to benefit.

Adding to that, we also bring forth Inteli CENTER, a domain specific analytical module, which is formed after our long year of research that have allowed us to create over 50 domain specific patterns. Through this very module we were able to help law enforcement agencies, combat crime and terrorism. We understand that in today’s ever changing world, the usage and nature of data also changes constantly hence our professional and dedicated team continuously practice upgradation of this tool for better response and flawless results.

Data Science

BI Services

Data science is considered to be an evolutionary step towards the interdisciplinary fields like business analysis that incorporate computer science, modelling, statistics, analytics, and mathematics. However, at its core, data science involves using automated methods to analyze massive amounts of data and to extract knowledge from them.

Elite empower its customers with a platform that combines powerful open source tools, elastic infrastructure, and customizable workflows. Data science can be applied across every department while reducing thecost and overheads therefore leveraging the enterprise efficiency and performance.

Our Portfolio

At Elite, we strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. We are constantly investigating new technologies and recommend them when they make sense.



There are multiple points of consumer-retail interactions such as mobile, social media, in-stores and e-commerce sites. Aggregatedata analysis generates insights that were never highlighted before. And the data driven customer analytics help in tackling challenges like: improving customer conversion rates, avoiding customer churn, personalizing campaign and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Operational Analytics

Operational Analytics and Supply Chain Analysis

Big data analytics helps to understand supply chains, product distributions, reduce cost and increase operational efficiencies. It needs unlocking of insights about trends, patterns and outliers buried in log, sensors and machine data that eventually results in better business performance, operation performance and improved decisions.



“How to deal with increasing volume of data”, “how to perform in a timely manner” and “How to prevent customer churns” are some of the challenges that must be tackled intelligently by the cellular service providers. With immediate insight into customer behavior, providers can take action to keep customers before they switch to a competitor.



Advanced data technologies bring revolution in healthcare delivery landscape and their physical infrastructure. Big data, machine learning and EHRs helps in patient-healthcare providers collaborations, now they are better equipped to prevent the occurrence of diseases. Healthcare

 Energy and utilities

Energy and utilities

Use of smart sensors and meters along production, transmission and distribution system procure granular data streams about state of faults and load. Powerful analytics on this data, when combined with other sources such as Outage and Distribution Management Systems (OMS/ DMS), weather data, third-party event monitoring systems and Meter Data Management Systems (MDMS) help utilities for taking necessary actions against electric grid failures, improve security and optimize capacity.



Increment in globalization, regulatory, environmental requirement and consumer demands in context of self-driving and connected cars, innovative and sustainable vehicles pressurize the existing business and manufacturing models to get evolved accordingly. Predictive data analysis in motion helps in rapid decisions and predicts breakdown, subsequently helps to keep customers satisfied.