Top 5 Trends in the Telecommunication Industry!!

In the past few years, the telecommunication industry has experienced a transformational development; all this is to keep up with the new technologies and cloud network. With advanced technologies being introduced day by day, the telecom sector can enjoy a lot of opportunities to grow. It is obvious that the modern age of transformation is simply unstoppable and the solution is not to escape it but to match quality with it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss those trends only which have brought the extreme transformation in the telecom industry.

  1. Need for High Security and Reliability: In this era of telecom modernization, nowadays companies come across a wide range of services that require secure and reliable authentication. For example, now the number of smartphones with fingerprint sensors is increasing and this is due to the presence of biometric. This technology can also be found in government offices, corporate buildings, financial institutions and more to verify identities.
  2. Internet of Things: This is the most advanced establishment in the technological world which allow devices to be connected through the internet. This is creating many wonderful opportunities for the telecom networks, as now there is less need for cables and more of the internet. With IoT comes Machine to Machine connectivity that is responsible for opening up the new streams of revenue for the telcos.                                                                                                 
  3. 5G Networks: Nowadays telecom experts are focusing on offering 5G networks with high speed that can send and receive data in just a few seconds or even less. This still has to be introduced worldwide, as 5G is currently in the testing phase, but soon we can expect it to make a storming entry in the telecom industry.
  4. Artificial intelligence (AI): the next shift in the technology will be due to the involvement of AI characteristics in various smart devices. From games like Pokemon Go to indoor navigation everything runs due to the AI features. With this, the phones have become even smarter, augmented reality has entered our lives and assistants like Siri and Alexa are making our daily lives easier. In the corporate sector, you can find customer service chatbots, network optimization systems, traffic classification tools, etc.
  5. Merger & Acquisitions: Competition in the telecom world has now become deadly and with new technologies all around, telecom companies are having a hard time nowadays. This is the reason why many telecom companies are looking forward to merge or to partner with other firms. Recent example if the merger of Vodafone and Idea and AT&T’s proposed merger with Times Time Warner Inc. By partnering with the over the top services, companies are aiming to deliver the best of their services to the customers.

No doubt that in the coming days we can see the businesses following a more informed approach to simplify the internal processes that can actually help them in staying strong in this digital transformation. But, this is just the beginning and there is more to come; with such complexity, the need for telecom support services also increases and one should pay attention to that too.

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