Things to know if you’re considering OSS/BSS Transformation!!!

For an organization, IT transformations play a very crucial role and they are usually driven by business-oriented departments. The fact is that it is very difficult for Telecom Service Providers can’t handle traditional telecom solutions, integrating IT systems and offering applications from the cloud all alone. This is the time when the organization thinks about redesigning the IT architecture and transforming the OSS/BSS framework. In this blog, we are going to talk about the points that one must consider when it comes to OSS/BSS transformation.

Let’s start…

Thoughtfully describe the approach:

If you have decided that your company needs to transform the current OSS/BSS architecture, then the first and the foremost thing is that the business customer sections require some serious job. Thus, you need to pay attention to the way IT can help in finding out what all systems need some tuning or even replacement. So if you are not sure about which integration service could be the one for your company, you can ask the below-given questions.

  • What is the type of delivery model your business customers need? It can be ‘As a service’, standard, from a cloud or more.
  • What kind of package do you want? Either a general one i.e. same for all the clients or you wants a customizable product.
  • What do your customers want? Do they want a simplified ‘single service’ experience or not?

It’s better to involve a partner:

So, you have made up your mind about changing IT architecture, then the next crucial step is finding the right partner for doing the job. A classic vendor-customer relationship shouldn’t be your choice, as a partner who blindly follows you and do everything without asking questions couldn’t help you in enhancing the business procedures. You should look for a solution provider that has experience in understanding what their clients want. Also, the one that can guide you in taking your business forward. An expert is the one who knows the pros and cons of all the changes that a business desire and could suggest only the suitable one. There’s one more thing that you should check, the provider must react quickly in case something goes wrong. Partnership with such a company always produces favourable results.

It is also important to find out what all clients are already being served by the partner you are choosing. For example, at Elite IT Services, we serve BSNL and MTNL both at Pan India level, for integrations of new services and annual maintenance of application & hardware.

Achieve the Transformation:

The most important thing for managing the OSS/BSS transformation is to do it in the perspective of end-to-end processes. The reason is that the ready-made products are mostly the elements of the entire processes and thus it is risky to involve such products in the internal IT procedures. There’ll be gaps and they can only be filled by a well-defined end-to-end process like Complaint-to-Solution, Request-to-Answer, Order-to-Payment, etc. Also, while transforming you need to make sure which methodology you would follow because agile is in trend but it is not always the answer.

These were some of the suggestions that will help you in choosing the best vendor when it’s about transforming the OSS/BSS. If you still are not sure or have some questions to ask, then experts at Elite IT Services can help you. For more info visit now.


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