Sanitization Tunnel – Best way to Combat Coronavirus!!!

When the world came to know about the deadly outbreak of coronavirus, then everyone started looking for ways to control it. Some of them are temperature detecting devices and sanitization tunnel. In this blog, we are going to discuss the sanitization tunnel and how does it work.

The primary principle behind the working of a sanitization tunnel is that the person would wash his/her hands and then walk through the tunnel in which the overhead sprayers sprinkle the disinfectant. This way there are fewer chances of the person carrying the germs on his/her body.

China being the epicenter of this deadly virus started using such tunnels in the month of February only. It was first installed in the city of Chongqing.

In India, the first unit of sanitization tunnel was installed in the Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu. The disinfectant being used in such tunnels is diluted one percent Sodium Hypochlorite. The dilute rate of the disinfectant is one part per million (ppm).

World Health Organization has given guidelines to test the units before installing them and they must be reviewed by a team of doctors to ensure that the usage of the tunnel is completely safe. In one hour the tunnel consumes about 50 liters of solutions and produces effective results by sanitizing the people entering the premises.

After the lockdown, we can expect such tunnels in most of the crowded places for safety purposes. We don’t know when the lockdown is going to be over or if after lockdown the coronavirus won’t be there anymore, thus a variety of safety measures are required and sanitization tunnel is one of the most affected ones. There are still a number of people going to the markets to fulfill their daily needs and after lockdown, this number will definitely increase. To handle such scenarios sanitization would be the best choice.

Things to consider are that the sanitization tunnel can’t kill the virus if it has entered the body, for that screening should be done by measuring the human body temperature. Also, while entering the tunnel it is suggested to cover your body to prevent any chemical harm on the skin.

The next point is where to get a high-quality sanitization tunnel for your office, residential building or any other public place at a cost-effective price. Then, the solution is here at Elite IT Services, as we have also joined our corona warriors in this fight and want to offer whatever help possible to make this dangerous disease go away. For more info visit


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